Professional Services

On the Same Page Consulting

a Michael Alan Tate Company 

A professional service firm that offers customized consulting and products.

To guide individuals and groups, who are up to something big, reach their goal in less time than they ever imagined.
Every client on the same page with their authentic purpose.

Guiding Principles:

✅ One size fits one. Most things that worked “there” won’t work “here.”

✅ Purpose-driven outperforms profit-driven every time.

✅ Innovate, but don’t forget the important things you already know.

✅ A darn good plan today is better than a perfect plan 6 months from tomorrow.

✅ Every person has a “Genius”.


Sharpen Your Focus U+21E8.gif  Strengthen Relationships U+21E8.gif Simplify Everything.

Professional Services

Manage Your Next Best Move

Make your next move your best move

“Change comes bearing grief, gifts and gaps. Whatever you focus on expands.” Michael Alan Tate

Career growth leads to change – Whether you are moving-in to a new position, moving-up to a better job or bigger assignment , or moving-on to the next exciting phase of your leadership and life [learn more

Change brings transition – Getting yourself and guiding your new team through the waves of transition to a sturdy new beginning takes a vision, a plan and a process. [learn more

Comfort is found in confidence- Confidence comes from experience. If you find comfort in counsel from a guy who has helped over 200 executives make their next move their best move [learn more

Virtual Career Coaching

Do  you feel stuck in a job that is starting to drag you down?

Do wish you could find time or knew how make a smart move to find a life-giving career?

This engaging career direction and coaching process is designed for the active professional and is built upon a clear understanding of your current situation, concerns and future ideals.

The 3 steps process are facilitated via online conferencing which you can conveniently arrange and easily schedule around your busy life.

  1. Assessment
  2. Alignment
  3. Accountability 

You can set up a complimentary 15-minute video call today.

1 Day Leadership and Life Strategy Retreat

“I’m too busy.” “I invested a lot of time in my development in the past, but the ROI wasn’t there.” “I’d like have a plan to make my next move , if I could find an effective and efficient process to do so.” 

Have you made these any of these comments to yourself? If you have , this leadership and life strategy retreat might be for you! Even a  busy executive can invest 1 day to see clearly how to work smarter and live better over the next 5-10 years.

Through this fast track process, you will develop a one-page, personal strategic plan with prioritized actions and accountabilities set in a whole life perspective, and all within 24 hours.

Better results in less time.


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