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Leadership Transition and Succession

Strong organizations are proactive in preparing for leadership transitions. This process is designed to:

Sharpen Focus: How many years has succession been listed on your strategic plan? Is your organization prepared for a healthy transition when a key executive decides to move on? Does your Board need assurance that a strong band of talent is prepared to step up?

Strengthen Relationships: Moving on to the next phase in life can be difficult. This leadership succession and business continuity process is designed to strengthen internal relationships with a three-fold approach:

1) A timeline that guides an effective handoff of duties over a defined period
2) A personal transition plan to make the next phase of life clearer, exciting and meaningful
3) A succession and business continuity process  as outlined in the 3 steps below.

Simplify Everything: 

1 – Agree on an Emergency Plan to help assure that key administrative functions will continue without disruption in the event of an unplanned exit or temporary long-term absence of a CEO, key staff or officer.

2 – Prepare a Departure-defined Plan to include identifying key goals going forward; determining the tools and skill set a successor will need to achieve those goals; building the capacity of the board, managers, and systems beyond the current executive’s tenure.

3 – Implement a Strategy-Driven Leader Development Process by first clarifying the organization’s strategic vision and identifying leadership and managerial skills necessary to carry out that vision. Find internal talent who have or who can develop the needed capabilities, or develop a talent recruitment plan to fill gaps.

Format: Multi-year, involving several key constituents



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