Healthy Transitions in Leadership and Life

Handcrafted strategies for successful executives who are moving in, moving up or moving on   



Michael Alan TateI’m Mike Tate, and I work with successful executives, entrepreneurs and technical professionals who want a simple action-focused plan to effectively manage career transitions, keep leadership teams on the same page and prepare for positive leadership succession.

I’ve been an executive coach, consultant and strategist for more than 20 years, and my experiences have made it clear that successful people want to know how to make better decisions faster. They also want to get through this process as quickly as possible.

That’s why I designed a unique “On Point – On One Page – in One Day” consulting method that results in a one-page, strategic plan with prioritized actions and accountabilities set in a whole life perspective, in 24 hours or less. There are other formats available as well, depending on the type of change or transition taking place. Be assured, I customize each plan to fit who you are and what you require.

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Even before we talk, there’s a good chance I’m familiar with the issues and opportunities you’re facing. My work with clients has covered numerous industries, including utilities, healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, government  and professional services. And the leadership teams I assist are managing a wide variety of transitions. Perhaps you see one of these situations in your organization:

  • New leader inheriting a talented team needs to act swiftly to get the team on the same page and retain key staff members.
  • Successful manager about to be promoted to a much higher level needs to develop stronger leadership habits.
  • High-potential team leader or brilliant technical expert has blind-spots that must be seen clearly in order to lead in the future.
  • Retirement-aged executive who keeps holding on needs a process to let go, repurpose their talents and move on in life.
  • Mid-career professional who feels plateaued wants to make an better informed decision about a next move.
  • Burned-out executive or manager trying to find a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer direction.
  • Board of directors needs a confidential way to help a struggling CEO get back on track or design a win-win exit.


If you’d like to create a healthy transition and grow as a leader through the change, I can help. The fast-paced planning is customizable and specific to you, your team and your organization. And yes, it can be done in a day.


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