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Strategic Leader Development

Strong leaders who live life in balance are able to strengthen their teams – and to lay the foundation that builds future leaders. This process is designed to:

Sharpen Focus: Do you want more strategic-minded decision makers on your team? Would you like to see your managers move to the next level faster and mentor others to do the same? Is it apparent that your managers don’t invest in their professional development because of past leadership training experiences?

Strengthen Relationships: Leaders of healthy organizations do three things well: promote an inspiring vision, build a unified team and create a culture of learning. People choose to follow them because of who they are in leadership and life. Our approach to executive development is not about mastering a list of competencies in training classes. It is about ingraining six concepts through new work experiences, conversations with mentors and solid organizational support.

Simplify Everything: This process is built around these six key leadership concepts:

  1. Have a leadership and life plan that aligns with the organization’s strategy
  2. Understand how adults learn and what really motivates people to do their best
  3. Know when to make a change and how to manage the transition that follows
  4. Learn the art of storytelling and the use of symbols to lead and inspire
  5. Master executive level assignments, hand-offs and project execution
  6. Keep your team on the same page and manage the three types of meetings


Set-up and Measurement: Objective business results and desired leadership behavioral changes are established up front. A series of scheduled check-ins encourage purposeful growth, support performance improvement and keep everyone on the same page. Management will receive a progress report quarterly.

Format Options Include: 

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Leadership and life development series
  • Next generation of experiential learning programs
  • Custom designed



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