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Leadership Succession

“One of the things we often miss in succession planning is that it should be gradual and thoughtful, with lots of sharing of information and knowledge and perspective, so that it’s almost a non-event when it happens.“ – Anne M. Mulcahy

There are three parts in any effective leadership succession plan:

1.     Emergency – Every manager needs a “hit by a bus“ plan, because life is not predictable.  

2.     Departure defined– For a key manager who is within 5 years of retirement this helps all involved stay on the same page. 

3.     On-going – A leadership capacity building process grows a strong bench of talent, so leadership transition is almost like a non-event when it happens.  


“In today’s world, he or she who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do that job best; but the one who knows the most about how to get hired.” – Richard N. Bolles, author What Color is Your Parachute.

Would you like to know the secret to finding a life-giving career in a life-giving way? I suggest you read my little book, The White Shirt. If, after reading it, you still feel stuck, consider a personal career planning and coaching process. There are many good career coaches out there. Each one has a different approach and methodology.

There are three steps in my process, which are conducted online for your safety and convenience.

  1. Assessment
  2. Alignment
  3. Accountability 

Strategic Planning or Strategic Planting

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll not get what you’ve always gotten- you’ll get less.

A McKinsey Quarterly survey of nearly 800 executives reported that only 45% of respondents were satisfied with the strategic-planning process. 

If you are frustrated with your strategic planning process or if your planning process is working OK, but you’re just tired of the same old thing,  there is another way. I call it Strategic Planting™, an organic method to engage  your leadership team in developing a strategy to plant and grow intrinsically driven top-performing culture [read more] .

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