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New Leader Fast Track

Organizations can no longer afford the luxury of allowing leaders a year or so to become effective in their positions. These strategies are designed to reduce the amount of downtime spent by new leaders in transition and to get the new team on the same page quickly. They will help you:

Sharpen Focus – Do you have newly hired or recently promoted executive that needs to hit the ground moving in the correct direction, at the right pace, on the same page with their new team? Have you experienced the aftermath of a new leader getting started on the wrong foot? Would you like a structured transition model to help your new executives succeed?

Strengthen Relationships – The process is not designed to blame past leaders for present difficulties. It is a facilitated opportunity to identify, discuss and remedy issues during the transition in a forthright manner, and to gain alignment and commitment to team direction and business outcomes.

Simplify Everything – The format is a one-day team retreat with one year of follow-up coaching and team consulting. A full outline and step-by-step process is available and will be customized to fit your culture.

Your process will have four goals:

  • Establish effective working relationships
  • Clarify concerns and set expectations
  • Reach a clear and shared understanding of major goals and priorities during the first six months
  • Create a 100-day action plan to get early wins



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