Leadership Transition & Succession

Leadership Transition & Succession

Moving On, Moving In & Moving Up 

Leadership Transition and Succession requires that senior management gets on the same page with a strategy and plan that will :

  1. Enable top-executives to Move On with a smooth transition into the next chapter of their life.
  2. Select and prepare the succeeding executive to Move-In to a crucial position.
  3. Ensure high potentials are ready to Move Up as future opportunities arise through an ongoing professional growth and development process.

To learn more about how this leadership transition and succession process can be customized to fit your organization, please contact Mike for a confidential conversation.

This strategic retreat process is designed for leaders undergoing transitions that fall into three primary categories:

Moving On – Smooth succession for the person leaving and people staying. [More]

Moving In – Get your new team on the same page – sooner rather than later. [More]

Moving Up – Achieve more in your career and have a life that works too. [More]

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