Small Time Leader Volume 1

His name was Connie Parsons. He was my first real manager and my first experience with a small-time leader at work. A small-time leader is a person who did a small thing that made a big difference in your life and work. That small thing may have been a question, a recommendation or an action […]

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First Followers

Beware of a leader who takes lots of credit for a big success. When I was working on my first book, my book producer reminded me to not think about selling books to the masses. “Books sell one at a time” He said. “Here how it works. One person buys a book and if they […]

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R.O.W.E. or M.O.V.E. Management

If you were asked to put an X below to indicate your belief about what motivates people to consistently give their best at work, where would you make your mark?

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Tree Cutter Vision

“We’re loggers – We’re not landscapers,” said the leader of the close-kin gang of low-country men I hired to remove some pine trees on my quail hunting preserve.

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New Podcast Available

Mike discusses key points from The White Shirt in this episode of Play Your Position podcast.

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Glimpse of Civility

Leadership evolves by intention. In my work over the years with some very effective and ineffective managers, I have noticed that many young high-potential professionals,

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Prayerful Question

Is there something about me? Philosophers, poets, prophets and presidents — found in prayers, speeches, and books since civilization began — have put this single inquiry forward, in different words, from altering angles.

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The Right Questions

I have been an active member of Rotary International for 24 years. Rotary has 1.2 million members in 200 countries. This network of clubs has one big goal, which is to promote ethics in business and peace in the world

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