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49 Never Forget the Fun Element in Your Life Equation with Bob Brumm

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
49 Never Forget the Fun Element in Your Life Equation with Bob Brumm

Bob Brumm is a professional award-winning Speaker, Author & Encouragement Engineer serving corporate, collegiate, sales, youth organizations, and individuals with encouraging keynotes or workshop presentations. Bob guides audiences to achieve personal and professional growth with positive encouragement and action plans that combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Bob shares with us how his father, Bob Brumm Sr., taught him at a young age to have fun no matter what. Even when things get hard, or you are overwhelmed remember to add the fun element to your life equation. Listen to this episode to learn how this life lesson has helped Bob over his fatherhood and leadership years.

Bob is a top-selling author of eight books and has been a guest on internationally recognized media outlets regarding his encouraging positive perspective, action-oriented strategies. With his diverse professional background in Accounting, Business, 25 years in IT/Telecommunications, and as a husband and father of three boys, Bob can relate to many audiences through his personal and professional struggles and successes. Bob has presented positive, encouraging messages for many organizations and as a direct result, has been recognized for encouraging work efforts that have led to both time and money savings for many groups.

For more information on Bob’s books and other information or to schedule Bob for your next event, go to www.bobbrummspeaks.com to see how he can help you or your organization. Bob is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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