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14 Giving Your Team Opportunities to Succeed with Elizabeth Jeffries

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
14 Giving Your Team Opportunities to Succeed with Elizabeth Jeffries

Over a million people in more than 4000 presentations have participated in Elizabeth’s can-do, how-to learning programs.  An award-winning speaker and author, Elizabeth has written numerous articles and several books, including her latest, What Exceptional Executives Need to Know ~ Your Step-by-Step Coaching Guide to Busting Communication Barriers, Keeping Top Talent and Growing Your Emerging Leaders!

On this episode of Small Time Leaders, speaker and author Elizabeth Jeffries shares how one surgeon made an impact by recognizing her leadership skills early in her career. Listen in as Michael and Elizabeth discuss early career opportunities, taking risks by delegating, and the importance of leaders being able to identify that “something special” in their team.

Achieving the high standards of the National Speakers Association, Elizabeth has earned its prestigious designation, CSP- Certified Speaking Professional, and has been inducted into the elite CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

You can connect with Elizabeth in the following ways:

Email: elizabeth@tweedjeffries.com

Website: www.tweedjeffries.com

To learn more about Small Time Leaders and Michael’s mission to share big ideas with the world, subscribe to the Leadership & Life Journal at https://michaelalantate.com/

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