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12 How to Overcome Challenges by Staying Coachable with Marc Corsini

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
12 How to Overcome Challenges by Staying Coachable with Marc Corsini

Marc Corsini is president of Corsini Consulting Group, LLC, a business-coaching firm based in Birmingham. Marc has worked with thousands of executives, professionals and salespeople over the past 27 years. Through his whole-life approach to coaching using his 7 F’s of True Success, he helps people do what they do better both in and out of the office.

Today on Small Time Leaders, business coach and author Marc Corsini shares how one conversation with a colleague helped him to focus on the credibility of his business plan and gave him the courage to pivot. Listen in as Michael and Marc discuss the unsolicited advice, staying coachable, and the sustainability of entrepreneurship.

Marc has written four books on business, selling and life.

Marc holds a business degree from Georgia Tech. He and his wife, Susan, have three children and live in Birmingham.

You can connect with Marc via his company website: https://www.corsini.com/

Michael’s latest book, Roll Up Your Sleeves, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent local bookstores. Roll Up Your Sleeves teaches people how to Lead and Live in a Constant Changing World with simple applications. Take a closer look at the book and experience a new way of working through an unexpected change in your life and career by taking the 2-minute My Change Management Style Quiz  http://rollupsleevesbook.com/

To learn more about Michael’s Leadership and Life Transition services and see  his Leadership & Life Journal blog- a new way to think about at the important things you already know, go to at https://michaelalantate.com/

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