4 What it Means to “take charge” in a Leadership Role with Amy Stackhouse

4 What it Means to “take charge” in a Leadership Role with Amy Stackhouse
Small-Time Leaders

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Today on Small Time Leaders, advertising and marketing professional Amy Stackhouse shares how she learned the difference between being “in charge” as a business owner and leading as a consultant. Michael and Amy also discuss how making mistakes can actually help your business performance and the most actionable lesson Amy learned from making a mistake.

TurnKey Connections opened up in 1990 with Amy Stackhouse in the driver’s seat in the highly competitive world of advertising. As she started her family, she started the business. The landscape has changed and the children are grown, but the message has not and Amy continues understanding what motivates consumers to action. Connecting sources and clients has fueled the business for decades as one conversation leads to other introductions. For Amy, people are the fun part and seeing a message come to life is the adrenaline rush. You could say that she’s a people person. With a proven network of top management vendors, there’s a commitment to the task to deliver results. The idea that Turnkey Connections joins a company to help handle the hurdles that come and commits to focus on the unique needs and requests is what lights the passion. Isaac, Amy’s son, joined the team more than 4 years ago and increased the company’s ability to meet changing needs in the digital world. Aside from work, Amy enjoys water sports and spending time with her family.

You can connect with Amy in the following ways:

Website: turnkeyconnectionsgroup.com

Phone: 334-399-9742

Email: amy@turnkeyconnectionsgroup.com

Facebook/Instagram: @turnkeyconnections

Stacked Keys Podcast: @stackedkeyspodcast

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