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Manage Your Next Move

Over the years I have observed that the chief reason new managers fall short, teams break down, great talent is lost or a career transition ends badly is because the leader had not done the personal work needed to be the role model for their team that they could have been. The potential and the opportunity were there but were short-circuited by misguided assessments.

Most leaders desire to be role models for thriving work environments but hesitate to invest in themselves – often for seemingly good reasons. You may have made these comments yourself: “I’m too busy.” “I put a lot of time in my development in the past, but the ROI wasn’t there.” “I would invest in my growth as a leader, if I could find an effective and efficient process to do so.”

These are the very reasons I created the “On Point – On One Page – in One-Day” personal strategy retreat. Through this retreat – customizable as needed – you will develop a one-page, personal strategic plan with prioritized actions and accountabilities set in a whole life perspective, and all within 24 hours.

This strategic retreat process is designed for leaders undergoing transitions that fall into three primary categories:

Moving In – Get your new team on the same page – sooner rather than later. [More]

Moving Up – Achieve more in your career and have a life that works too. [More]

Moving On – Smooth succession for the person leaving and people staying. [More]

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