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71 What is Your Life Penny with Susan Fowler

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
71 What is Your Life Penny with Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler has shared her message on optimal motivation, self-leadership, and thriving together in all 50 states and over 40 countries. In her bestselling book, “Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… and What Does”, Susan Fowler implored leaders to stop trying to motivate people because it just doesn’t work and aggravates everyone involved.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Susan shares with us how her husband, Dr. Drea Zigarmi triggered her thinking into leaving her penny in this world. Susan thought she was not building a wide legacy of hers in this world but Dr. Zigarmi encouraged her to even write her first book on motivation, a book now translated in multiple languages.

She is widely known as one of the foremost experts on motivation and personal empowerment, Susan gained her knowledge through extensive experience in business, advertising, sales, production, marketing, executive and lifestyle coaching, and leadership training with clients as diverse as AARP, Dow, Eli Lilly, Fruit of the Loom, Google, and the National Basketball Association. Susan is also co-author of the bestselling Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard and the creator and lead developer of The Ken Blanchard Company’s Self Leadership, the best-in-class self-leadership, and personal empowerment program.

To learn more about Susan visit her website https://susanfowler.com/  or connect with him on LinkedIn HERE.

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