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66 Lessons Learned When Under Pressure with Zane Tarence

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
66 Lessons Learned When Under Pressure with Zane Tarence

Zane is a partner and managing director of Founders Advisors, a merger & acquisition firm serving middle-market companies with offices in Birmingham, Dallas, and Houston. The firm works with owners in a wide variety of industries but focuses on oil and gas, industrials, media, healthcare, and Zane’s specialty: technology. He brings a unique perspective to his investment banking practice.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Zane shares with us how his papa taught him to learn people best when they are under pressure. You can learn a lot from someone or yourself when under pressure. Zane even uses this lesson for recruiting intentions and asks his interviewers how they act when under in such situation and what is one of their biggest life lessons from tough situations.

Before joining Founders, Zane was a leader in IBM’s internet consulting practice in the Southeast and the founder of two technology businesses which he sold to publicly traded companies. He knows from personal experience the challenge and the joy of running and selling successful companies. Since joining Founders, he and his team have orchestrated more than 80 tech-related deals with institutional buyers. As an expert in the growth and monetization of internet technology and software companies, Zane is a popular public speaker. He has conducted over 50 workshops across the U.S. and Canada for academics and business owners through Vistage, Convene and industry-sponsored events. He is also the founder of Silicon Y’all, a SaaS and internet summit where successful owners and professional investors share insights, best practices and southern hospitality.

For more information on Zane visit www.17-reasons.com/ or connect with him on LinkedIn HERE.

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