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28 Create a Collaborative Workplace with Jenn Swanson

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
28 Create a Collaborative Workplace with Jenn Swanson

Jenn Swanson is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Conflict Coach and speaks to large audiences across North America. She is the author of “What They See: How to Stand Out and Shine in Your New Job” book and well-recognized publishers across different media channels. For over eight years now she also hosts Careers by Jenn podcast, previously known as The Communication Diva.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Jenn Swanson talks about one of her leaders while working on the ICU unit in Canada. Martha, the head nurse, was looking to apply major changes in the hospital to improve productivity and she decided to ask every stakeholder of the staff on their opinion. Jenn found that a little strange at first but the more she thought of it, the more she loved the idea of creating a collaborative workplace.  You might be surprised and find out that your staff has the next best breakthrough idea for the company, but the only way to find that out is to ask your stakeholders.

Known to be a “pathologically positive” person, Jenn has been educating, encouraging, and empowering others to succeed for more than 25 years. She is also an ordained clergy member in the United Church of Canada and currently serves at Inlet United Church in beautiful Port Moody, British Colombia, where she lives.

To get in contact with Jenn and learn more about her amazing work visit her website https://www.careersbyjenn.com/.

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