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22 A Pen Handy Means You Are Half Prepared with Gary Fenton

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
22 A Pen Handy Means You Are Half Prepared with Gary Fenton

Gary Fenton served as a Senior Pastor of the Dawson Family of Faith in Birmingham. This vibrant 7800-members congregation invites people to not only know Christ but also to serve Christ through meeting the needs of others in Birmingham and throughout the world. A dedicated team of ministers leads the congregation to put their faith into action through missions and ministries. Each Sunday morning Dawson has four worship services and a Hispanic service and can be seen every Sunday morning on CBS 42 in north-central Alabama.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Gary Fenton shares a lesson he learned at 18 years of age that still helps him to this day. Gary teaches us how a small preparation such as having a pen handy at any time takes you far in life. Those who have a pen handy, write notes during a meeting, and markdown important details are to be very successful at their job. It is not just the pen he says but others see you as more professional and well put together as well.

He has also published four books: Mastering Church Finances, Your Ministry’s Next Chapter, Good for Goodness’ Sake, and Steps on the Character Path. He has articles published periodically on Proclaim, Vital Sermons Today, Leadership Journal, East Texas Medical Referral Journal, and Rev! Magazine. 

If you would like to get in contact with Gary you can send him an email at Gdfenton@samford.edu or by calling him at 205-999-8883.

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