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Let Me Be Clear

Last week Dr. Joey Faucette interviewed me on his podcast. He reminded me of something vital to remember but difficult to do. He said in his 20 plus years in training, coaching, and consulting that he had learned one big thing- amid significant changes, people crave certainty about everything, but leaders can only give people clarity around a few things.

I didn’t ask Dr. Joey what those few things were, so I came up with my own leadership clarity starter list.

I’m clear that:

  • This will not be easy.
  • I don’t have all the answers.
  • I’ll do my best, but I might make a mistake.
  • We can all get better by learning through this together.
  • I will support you and have your back if you give your best effort.
  • Work is important, but family is more important.
  • I will listen to everyone’s ideas, but I will make the final call and live with the result.
  • For the next 2 months, we will focus on this 1 thing for our organization, which is______.
  • You need to choose 1 thing you will learn to become a better person, which is ________.
  • When I count my many blessing, my many worrying counts less.

Clarity is not just talking about things that will happen next but offering some things to hold onto when the next change happens. 

Journal Entry:

Remember, you will earn a reputation for how you show up during times of change. What do you need to get clear on, so you can support and guide others to get through their ups and downs in leadership and life?

 Extra Note: A CEO wrote this to the leaders this week: “I think it’s more important than ever to step back and ask ourselves, “are we leading others as they need us to right now?” We can all agree that whether you have managed others for 30 years or 3 months, none of us are experienced with supervising others in a pandemic.”  If you feel the same way and would like to discuss how you can help your team managing better and even grow through this time of hardship, click the link below.

 I look forward to talking. To schedule, a phone call with me click here:

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