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Remembering to Learn

The 2009 economy was not a favorable one. Some experts say the events of this past year changed most every life and/or career for the worst. Well maybe or maybe not. We will not know the answer to that for a while, but we can answer this important question today: What did I learn in 2009 that will make me a better person in 2010?

Here are nine random things I learned (or remembered again) in 2009:

  1. Letting go of the good ole’ past way of doing business was harder than I thought it would be.
  2. My business and personal growth strategy is to do more public speaking, write daily/publish often and enlist a group of friends who will advise and challenge me to stretch in both areas.
  3. Lasting success requires acquiring two things: wisdom and discipline.
  4. Under pressure, the most effective executives become more collaborative, consistent and concise.
  5. Leaders invest in improving themselves even while conditions seem unfavorable. They know that favorable conditions never come.
  6. Giving anonymously to someone in need is the best remedy for feeling depressed, discouraged or worried.
  7. Money comes. Money goes. They’ll still be printing it after I’m gone.
  8. It is an unnerving honor to begin to become your parent’s parent.
  9. I counted blessings. I named them one by one. I was surprised what the Lord had done in 2009

Journal Entry: What did you learn (or remembered again) about your leadership and life? Take a few minutes now and write some things you came to realize in 2009. I’d like to see what you have to say. So just REPLY with your thoughts. I’ll respond back to you real soon – next year.

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