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Remember E Sabbath

Staff meetings happen each week in most organizations. This is the time we stop, report activity, recognize achievements and discuss next steps. This business practice may have deeper roots than people realize.

The Sabbath (or Sabbat) is a weekly day of rest and worship that is observed in the Judeo-Christian faiths. The Biblical seventh day of the week is observed as a day of rest in Judaism starting at sundown on Friday till sundown on Saturday. Sunday is observed in Christianity as a day of rest. Friday is observed in Islam. The term derives from the Hebrew shavat, “(to) cease.”

In the Biblical account, the term was first used in Genesis for the last day of the week of creation, when God ceased from creating and evaluated His work. To stop and reflect on what you created in the past week, appraise your efforts and be thankful may be a habit worth making in your leadership and life in 2010.

Action: Ceasing, stopping or disconnecting is difficult these days. A first step might be to initiate a personal E-Sabbath. Set a regular time each week to electronically detach. Turn off your email, twitter and text and use this time as a personal Sabbath to reflect on the week, record your insights and remember your many blessings.

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