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Your Personal Strategy Retreat

7.5 Hour Personal Retreat

While all planning is customized and format options are designed to fit organizational culture , here’s what the process looks like for an individual in transition:

First: Through a series of phone conversations, you and I will clarify your expectations and customize the process to fit your unique goals and personality. I’ll send you a personalized pre-retreat report and a journal.

Second: You’ll arrive at my planning center in Birmingham or another offsite location. You’ll be able to view your life and leadership story on your personalized storyboard. Meaningful trends, distinctive patterns and new options will emerge during this accelerated personal insight and visioning session.

Third: Early the following morning, your plan design work will begin. An accelerated prioritizing method will narrow all your ideas into one key actionable concept in less time than you thought possible. Before your eyes, your custom transition plan will materialize on the storyboard. It will be documented in a one-page format and will include a one-year follow-up coaching agreement to support you as you put your plan into action.

This planning process is designed for leaders in transition that fall into three main categories. Learn more about when healthy transitions are needed.

The Planning Tool We Use

My work with clients (groups and individuals) is centered around “Compression Planning,” which is a story boarding and visual graphics process that uses four powerful steps to cut through the clutter and distractions that can bog down decisions, planning and execution.

For groups in particular, Compression Planning leverages collaborative time, so your group can make better decisions much faster. The best part is that the process gets everybody on the same page, engaged and fully committed to the outcome. Compression Planning is a great choice for a project team with limited time to plan and a pressing need to execute quickly and effectively.

Compression Planning is also an excellent process for individuals undergoing personal transition – whether moving into an organization, moving up within the leadership, or moving on into retirement. This planning process is fast, and as I like to say, a darn good plan Today is better than perfect plan six months from Tomorrow.

The planning takes place at my Retreat Center near Liberty Park in Vestavia, AL. This retreat center is a venue designed for you and/or your small team to get away from the work distractions and experience a fun and fast facilitation of a complex project into a simple action plan – delivered to you on one page.

Note: Compression Planning is portable and can conducted at most offsite locations.


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