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46 Nature of Total Commitment with Dr. Emmett Cooper

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
46 Nature of Total Commitment with Dr. Emmett Cooper

Dr. Emmett Cooper is the creator of the HoneyWord Bible and the HoneyWord Learning Method currently being used around the world. The HoneyWord Learning Method is a visual recognition system that engages both sides of the brain to ingrain concepts that last a lifetime. As Dr. Emmett likes to say, “ We help God’s Word click and stick in the childlike hearts! ’The HoneyWord Bible is a Bible, filled with his fantastic memory pictures and stories.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, Dr. Emmett Cooper talks about the nature of total commitment. Dr. Cooper says that people go through three stages before they commit. First, they lie to themselves to feel better, secondly, they either quit or move forward and the final they move into full commitment.

With their mission being “to make it easier for K-6 children to understand and apply Biblical truths in their lives”, The HoneyWord organization fulfills this goal by equipping teachers and parents to apply the fun and easy HoneyWord system at home, in a classroom, or online.   

The HoneyWord Way of Learning revolutionary approach has been field-tested and perfected through over 20 years in churches, Christian schools, camps, home-schooling groups, and club programs throughout the United States—as well as 12 foreign countries.

To connect with Dr. Cooper at HoneyWord.com and check out HoneyWord Live Today on YouVersion.com at  https://my.bible.com/reading-plans/17206-honey-money-from-heaven

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