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18 Unlocking the power of writing with David L. Hancock

Small-Time Leaders
Small-Time Leaders
18 Unlocking the power of writing with David L. Hancock

While writing his book he came into a bottleneck with the publishing company as there were certain words or phrases he could not use. David sees publishing as a tool to help the authors share their knowledge and service the readers so to avoid the hiccup, he decided to start his own publishing company.

In today’s episode of Small-Time Leaders, David L. Hancock shares how Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson changed his perspective on growing his exposure and finding an undiscovered passion for books. After reading Guerilla Marketing David decided to write a book himself about a constantly changing field such as banking business in the 90s. The book not only doubled his income as he gains authority from sharing his expertise but also open doors for new clients and grew his media exposure.

David Hancock is the Founder of Morgan James Publishing and The Ethan Awards, and has co-authored twelve books including “Guerrilla Marketing for Writers”, “The Entrepreneurial Author” and the New-York Times Best Seller “Performance Driven Thinking”. He was selected for Fast Company Magazine’s Fast 50 for his leadership, creative thinking, significant accomplishments, and his significant impact on the industry over the last ten years.

David L. Hancock is also a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. NASDAQ cites David as one of the world’s most prestigious business leaders, and he is reported to be the future of publishing. Hancock also serves as President of the Executive Board for Habitat for Humanity Peninsula & Greater Williamsburg and is Chairman of the Board of The National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence.

Connect with David via Twitter at @DavidHancock.

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