Design A Life That Works

Design a Life that Works draws from proven business planning principles. Written for achievement driven professionals who face a significant career or life change, it systematically guides the reader in creating a one-page life plan.

You will answer these fundamental questions:

  • What will you be or achieve in the future?
  • Where are you now?
  • What’s your strategy for closing the gap?

Design a Life that Works has a unique format that fits its function. This hard cover book with wire-bound pages makes it easy to use.

Balancing Life and Career is Hard. Designing Your Life Shouldn’t Be!



Michael’s advice on planning builds a solid foundation that keeps building upon itself and is not a “quick fix” or “one time solution”. Just look at the spiral binding – it allows the reader to read a page, walk away, think about it, do other things, and write things down when the revelation light turns on. I took this book with me on a fall river trip in the mountains and read parts several times a day to let it soak in. I still think about and act on what I learned about myself, my family, my career, and how the three mix together. And the plan is always within arm’s reach to remind me that it’s how I shape the circumstances in my life, and not how circumstances shape me. — Michael Swinson

Design a Life that Works is a great road map to life and leadership. I would recommend this book to professionals who are struggling to balance a great career and a meaningful life. —Vondie, Real-estate Executive

This book is excellent in helping you define how to get more out of life. It is very practical, user friendly and has been instrumental in helping me to make life-changing decisions. —Mary, COO Healthcare

This book is much more than a “good read”. It’s a very practical guide. The key differentiators between the author’s approach and the more complex “tool du jour” offerings are the pure simplicity of the format itself. This is an innovative, spirit-guided approach to planning a rewarding life. — Davis, Senior Executive of Administration and IS


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To become a better person

The title—it does not say “I’ll Design a Life That Works, For You”. From page one you realize you are not reading the book as much as you are integrating it into your being. As each light bulb gets turned on…

 Life is a Working Journal

Loving planning and organizing, this was a book for me. However, I was skeptical since my husband, Henry, is the opposite. How could developing a life plan work if my husbands plan didn’t match? With encouragement from this book, I developed a plan and presented it to my hubby. It felt like I was exposing my soul…

Building a Solid Foundation 

Mike’s advice on planning builds a solid foundation that keeps building upon itself and is not a “quick fix” or “one time solution”…
Life Counts
When it come time to think about what you want your life story to say, this is the book you need.


The author, a speaker I met at a recent conference, is the real deal. His book is more than a compilation of ideas–it is a workbook that will give you clear steps to take in finding the right job…
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