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Michael Alan TateI’m Mike Tate. I am well-versed in the transition issues leaders and organizations navigate, and I share that knowledge and insight through coaching, consulting, speaking and writing.

My expertise is presented through several formats. I’m the president of On the Same Page Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm focused on a personal leadership transition process that is geared around my trademark “On point… On One page… In One Day” techniques. I direct the Leadership Strategy Division of HRM. I’m the author of The White Shirt: Find Your Ideal Career with the Secrets Hidden in This Ancient Story, Design a Life that Works, On the Same Page and Faith Matters, and I write the Leadership and Life Journal blog.

My formal education is in psychology, education and religion. I also hold a number of professional certifications, including Benchmark® facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership and Birkman Method® Consultant. I’m a Compression Planning® storyboard planning specialist and graphics facilitator, and I’ve been actively involved with the Institute for Career Certification International Institute – serving previously as CFO and as a sitting Governor on the ICCI worldwide board. In addition, I received an ICCI Fellow designation for professional contributions to the career management field.

Professional experience and background are always important when you choose someone to help you guide career transitions. You might also want to know a little about me personally. As a man of faith, I look through that lens for my own life while respecting the perspective others hold for theirs. I’m an active Rotarian and participate in its mission of community service. I’m also an avid outdoorsman. My wife Patricia and I make our home in Birmingham, Alabama, and own Riverbend, a bobwhite quail hunting preserve, located on the Black Warrior River. This is where I train my bird dogs and where Patricia photographs the wonders of nature in the woods and waters. We enjoy a richly blessed life with three children, five grandchildren and two bird dogs, Annie and Dinah.

Training bird dogs to stay on point has been part of my life since my youth. A few years ago I realized that my dogs are training me. I try to pay closer attention to them now so I can be a better husband, grandparent and coach with my clients.

What Can You Learn from a Bird Dog?

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