On The Same Page

On the Same Page Consulting Group is a professional service firm that provides strategic facilitation for executive teams and individual career coaching services and products.
Our mission is to help purpose-driven individuals and organizations create plans for growth that are so clear and simple they can be captured in one page, and, equally as important, these one-page plans enable all parties to stay on the same page during significant transition. We also publish books and design easy-to-use resources that support this mission.
Our Vision: Every client’s authentic mission realized and executed with excellence.

Guiding Principles:

  • One size fits one. Most things that worked “there” will not work “here.”
  • Purpose-driven outperforms profit-driven every time.
  • Innovate, but don’t forget the important things you already know.
  • A darn good plan today is better than a perfect plan 6 months from tomorrow.


Leadership and Life Journal: A new way to look at the important things you already know.


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