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Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

Moving In

WHY: Organizations can no longer afford the luxury of allowing leaders a year or more to become effective in their positions. This fast-track full integration on-boarding process will reduce the amount of organizational “downtime” spent by new leaders in executive transition.

WHO: Newly hired or recently promoted executive or high potential manager.

WHAT: To hit the ground at the right pace , headed in the correct direction and with their new team on-the-same-page and fully engaged.

Moving Up

WHY: Managers who stay self-aware, intellectually challenged and developing from a whole life perspective are less likely to burnout and more likely to stay engaged make their best contribution to your organization. Great companies always grow their leaders from within, believing that effective leadership development is a process, must be customized to the individual, and clearly support the organization’s culture.

WHO: Emerging next generation, Hi-potentials mid-career, highly technical professionals

WHAT: To build a full bench of top performing strategic minded managers fully committed to the organization’s vision. 2- to have leaders who are consistently challenged, personally accountable and actively engaged in their own professional growth as well as mentoring others.

Moving On

WHY: Moving on is difficult, because a successful leader’s career is more than a job, it is often a large part of their community identify, support system and purpose in life. The organization can struggle as well when a leader stays too long, leaves too early or their exist is not seen as well planed. Our process addressee both concerns with:
Confidential career transition, life plan and successor selection discussions with the departing executive.
Guidance on implementation of the succession planning and execution process with the transition team.

WHO: President /CEO, Corporate Officer, Business Owner considering retiring or major career shift.

WHAT: To have the organization experiences a seamless leadership transition when a key executive retires and moves to a new chapter in life and work.

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