Virtual Career Coaching

Virtual Career Coaching

Do  you feel stuck in a job that is starting to drag you down? 

Do wish you could find time or knew how make a smart move to find a life-giving career?

This engaging career direction and coaching process is designed for the active professional and is built upon a clear understanding of your current situation, concerns and future ideals.

The 3 steps below are facilitated via online conferencing which you can conveniently arrange and easily schedule around your busy life.

Assessment involves two actions: 1st – Using a virtual whiteboard , Michael will sketch a map of your career that reveals a clear picture of your innate talents, transferable skills, and vocational interests during a 1-hour interview. 2nd – You will complete an internationally validated scientifically based online assessment that will clarify career passions, pin-point specific jobs that fit and define your key strengths and gifts.  Michael will review your 27-page report with you during a follow-up 1- hour Zoom call.

Alignment involves reviewing the results from both your personal Career Map and your Career Assessment Report then designing a 1-page career strategy that includes a supportive  action plan.

Accountability is comprised of a series of 30-minute follow-up, check-in and coaching sessions over 90 days . The goal of these sessions is to help you stay on track , work around barriers you meet along the way , get a boost when you need one and generate innovative ideas to help you achieve your ultimate objective. 

Next Step: If you would like to talk with Michael about the process and learn about your time and financial investment, you can set up a complimentary 15-minute video call by clicking the button below and choosing a day and time that works for you. 

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