Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

Make your next move your best move

“Change comes bearing grief, gifts and gaps. Whatever you focus on expands.” Michael Alan Tate

Career growth leads to change. Whether you are moving-in to a new position, moving-up to a better job or bigger assignment , or moving-on to the next exciting phase of your leadership and life – making an effective move in the complex world today is not easy , because …  

Change brings transition. Transition is the feelings and emotions you and others experience when a change occurs. Getting yourself and guiding your new team through the waves of transition to a sturdy new beginning takes a vision, a plan and a process.

Comfort is found in confidence . Confidence comes from experience. If you find comfort in counsel from a guy who has helped over 200 executives make their next move their best move, and has written three book about career and transition . I’d be glad to have a chat with you.

This strategic retreat process is designed for leaders undergoing transitions that fall into three primary categories:

Moving On – Smooth succession for the person leaving and people staying. [More]

Moving In – Get your new team on the same page – sooner rather than later. [More]

Moving Up – Achieve more in your career and have a life that works too. [More]

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