Do you ever get worn down by being always available via a PDA, Blackberry or a plain old cell phone? Do you marvel at how some people thrive in this high-tech 24-7 connected world? How do they do it? One young man suggests an old idea for managing himself in a high tech world. “I […]

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The Vital Two

Modern legend holds that President Ronald Reagan said something to this effect to his executive staff, Smart people can focus on one thing. Brilliant people can focus on two. I believe each one of you is brilliant. So here are the two things: bring down communism and lower taxes. If you are not working on […]

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Failure Can be Hard to Stop

The tire was almost flat when we loaded up the big farm tractor that warm autumn morning. Too busy to take time to repair the tire, we quickly aired ‘er up and marched forward, confidently armed with the certain hope of a productive day working the overgrown hunting land. The day did not progress as […]

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Noodle Management

When Momofuku Ando passed away recently at age 96, he left behind one of the greatest modern inventions: Ramen Noodles. According to The New York Times, he also left us a great motto to live by: ” Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. Give him Ramen Noodles, and […]

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The Next Shot

I’m not much of a golfer, but I occasionally watch the closing holes of important events like The Masters and The British Open. This year’s British Open held a lesson that really hit home. On the 18th hole, Sergio Garcia needed to make an eight foot putt to defeat Patrick Harrington and win The British […]

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Curious Career

The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick- to-it-iv-ness” Thomas Edison Edison may have left one other essential leadership attribute off this list. It isn’t surprising that he didn’t mention it. People who have this one thing seldom recognize and less often articulate it. This attribute is […]

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Being a Student

We’re just hold’n court, my great grandfather would say when asked what he and I had been up to all morning in his grist mill. Settled low in his husk covered worn bottom chair, Papa spun colorful yarns of his past business ventures, river excursions and more big plans, seeding my mind with lessons of […]

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