Complexity Crisis

“They asked us to automate 92 reports for their company. They didn’t even have 92 employees”. I heard this personal account from the president of a successful computer service company. We were standing in the hallway discussing our shared observation that mid-level managers are feeling run over and run down by the extensive reporting being […]

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Having it ALL

His hard hat and heavy tool belt was conspicuously out of place in the plush elevator that frigid winter morning. A well dressed lady with a shiny briefcase asked how he felt about working outside in the bitter cold. “I’m lucky today,” he said “I’m doing repairs inside.” The door opened. As he stepped out, […]

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Hope & Hotdogs

A man lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. He was hard of hearing so he had no radio. He had trouble with his eyes so he had no newspaper. But he sold good hot dogs! He put up a sign on the highway telling how good they were. He stood […]

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The road to ruin circles your comfort zone. For the first time in her life, she walked away from the security of a real job to start her own competing business. At first it was difficult for Mary, especially adjusting to the lack of the structure imposed by others each work day, but she had […]

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Do you ever get worn down by being always available via a PDA, Blackberry or a plain old cell phone? Do you marvel at how some people thrive in this high-tech 24-7 connected world? How do they do it? One young man suggests an old idea for managing himself in a high tech world. “I […]

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The Vital Two

Modern legend holds that President Ronald Reagan said something to this effect to his executive staff, Smart people can focus on one thing. Brilliant people can focus on two. I believe each one of you is brilliant. So here are the two things: bring down communism and lower taxes. If you are not working on […]

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Failure Can be Hard to Stop

The tire was almost flat when we loaded up the big farm tractor that warm autumn morning. Too busy to take time to repair the tire, we quickly aired ‘er up and marched forward, confidently armed with the certain hope of a productive day working the overgrown hunting land. The day did not progress as […]

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Noodle Management

When Momofuku Ando passed away recently at age 96, he left behind one of the greatest modern inventions: Ramen Noodles. According to The New York Times, he also left us a great motto to live by: ” Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. Give him Ramen Noodles, and […]

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