Roll Up Your Sleeves


Roll Up Your SleevesFrom the bestselling author of The White Shirt….

Roll Up Your Sleeves has a biblically based storyline to help leaders get through their wilderness to their promised land.

Roll Up Your Sleeves is a not a clinical approach to managing stress, but more of a collection of common-sense approaches that is helpful for people in their leadership and life. Within Roll Up Your Sleeves, Michael Alan Tate shares with leaders:

  • A simple toolset for any leader facing a complex world of constant change
  • A clear understanding of what change does to employees, friends, and family
  • An overall view of the real sense of the emotional impact of change
  • Easy to apply actions to keep change from disrupting the entire organization, family, or community

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“Approachable. Practical. Refreshing. Those are just some of the words that come to mind about Mike Tate’s latest book. I encourage anyone, regardless of position or age, to avail themselves of this wonderful little resource.” – Bob Beaudine, President & CEO of Eastman & Beaudine and best-selling author of The Power of WHO! and 2 Chairs

‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ is a refreshing tale that teaches you practical tools and techniques to help you pivot when life happens. It reminds you that as a leader change is not something to fear but to embrace. – James Miller, Licensed Psychotherapist and the Executive Producer and Host of the Nationally Broadcasted and Syndicated Radio Show: James Miller | Lifeology

“Stories and parables teach us, inspire us and connect us.  That’s what Mike Tate has done in his newest book “Roll Up Your Sleeves”  Returning to the four men and the four colored buttons from the first White Shirt book, they lead us to see the big difference between change and transition and share strategies on how get through your wilderness  transition to your promised land . A simple parable  with a powerful message of making change work for you. Read carefully. So many gems in this book. You won’t want to miss a one!”- Elizabeth Jeffries, Author “What Exceptional Executives need to Know” Elizabeth Jeffries, RN, CSP, CPAE, MM, Keynote Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach

“This little book is packed with saga wisdom and lots of common sense instruction. If you are facing a  major life change or find yourself unsure of how to lead your team through a complex transition – Roll-up Your Sleeves  is the book for you!–  Tom Ziglar, CEO Zig Ziglar Corp, Speaker, Author Choose To Win!

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