13 The Importance of Nurturing and Life Balance with Marc Corsini

13 The Importance of Nurturing and Life Balance with Marc Corsini
Small-Time Leaders

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On this episode of Small Time Leaders, business coach and author Marc Corsini shares the story of how an invitation from his local priest initiated a lasting relationship God and instilled the importance of nurturing clients and communities in business. Join Marc and Michael as they discuss the importance of maintaining faith as part of a balanced life, and the impact of sharing your passion with others.

Marc Corsini is president of Corsini Consulting Group, LLC, a business-coaching firm based in Birmingham. Marc has worked with thousands of executives, professionals and salespeople over the past 27 years. Through his whole-life approach to coaching using his 7 F’s of True Success, he helps people do what they do better both in and out of the office.

Marc has written four books on business, selling and life.

Marc holds a business degree from Georgia Tech. He and his wife, Susan, have three children and live in Birmingham.

You can connect with Marc via his company website: https://www.corsini.com/

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