10 How to Identify Successful Traits in Others with Dan Monroe

10 How to Identify Successful Traits in Others with Dan Monroe
Small-Time Leaders

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On this episode of Small Time Leaders, businessman and wordsmith Dan Monroe shares his story of finding his passion for storytelling and how one mentor helped him create a path to success. Listen in as Michael and Dan discuss the multiple dimensions of leadership, the importance of listening to others, and how to take in the entire picture of a person before taking action.

Dan Monroe, is a principal and one of three masterful wordsmiths at Cayenne Creative Group – a creative, brand-development agency in Birmingham, Alabama that offers national and international brand experience in the form of an agile creative team. Cayenne helps clients tell their stories strategically in ways that are interruptive and authentic. Cayenne’s clients include: UAB Medicine, Altec, Birmingham Orthodontics, Golden Flake, and Alabama Power, to name but a few. Dan, BA ’83 from Vanderbilt University, is on the board of the Birmingham YMCA, the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club, and is actively involved with Co-Starters, a program that helps entrepreneurs bring their business ideas into fruition.

You can connect with Dan via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cayennewriter/

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