Michael is an Amazon best-selling author. He has published three books: Design life that Works, which teaches how design a plan to balance business, career, family and faith on the same page. Mike’s second book, The White Shirt- is a business parable with steps on how to make successful career move. 

His latest book Roll up Your Sleeves- Leading and Living in a World of Constant Change is now available!

From the bestselling author of The White Shirt….

Roll Up Your Sleeves has a biblically based storyline to help leaders get through their wilderness to their promised land.

Roll Up Your Sleeves is a not a clinical approach to managing stress, but more of a collection of common-sense approaches that is helpful for people in their leadership and life.

Visit “Roll Up Your Sleeves” book website HERE

Find Your Peaceful & Life-giving Career at Any Stage of Life

An Inspiring Story that Will Help You Turn the Page on Your Own Career.

The White Shirt by Michael Alan Tate is the story of how a young man named Cyrus discovers and applies a few timeless principles to find his place in the world. In the process, he designs a simple plan that anyone can use to move into an ideal career at any stage of life.

This inspiring parable and simple strategy coincides with a step-by-step guide to create your own one-page personal career strategy in only seven days.

Design a Life That Works: Business, Career, Family, Faith

Design a Life that Works draws from proven business planning principles. 

You will answer these fundamental questions:

What will you be or achieve in the future?
Where are you now?
What’s your strategy for closing the gap?

I Picked Up A Book

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