More & Less Ahead

Despite the present economic situation some people have decided to come out ahead when this downturn turns up. The president of a business to business food service company explained her simple strategy. She called it her One More and One Less plan for 2009. She explained One More to her sales force, “In 2008 we […]

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Leading the People that are Left

It’s been a few weeks since the big layoff. You are hoping things will get back to normal soon. Then as you walk past a half vacant row of cubicles, you overhear another “Who will be next?” conversation cut short by the sound of your footsteps. In silence you ask, “How can I help my […]

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Effort to Align

I feel excited most mornings on my way to work. Yes or No Work in 2009 will be different than the past few years. There will be fewer people with much more to do. Teams will likely be smaller and asked to produce faster. Everyone will be required to rethink how they work. Individually or […]

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Career Examen

Do you ever wake up at night wondering, “Is what I’ve been doing in my career really what I want to do? While also asking, “Do I have enough time left to do something else I really want to do?” Since none of us knows the answer to the “time left” question – at least […]

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Choosing Hopefulness

Bill was promised an ownership position if he could turnaround the failing profit center. He had the smarts, the experience, the enthusiasm, and a plan. First he removed incompetent staff, then hired good people and improved the service. Sales increased and profits grew. Team spirit lifted. All the while, the owner acted as his top […]

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Rule of Three

Over the ages great leaders have used the rule of three to change their world. Writers, officials and revolutionaries have successfully applied the rule of three to move people toward a vision. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” “Friends, Romans, countrymen,” “Blood, sweat […]

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